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BlumA (R) Compact Soft-Close BLUMotion Overlay Hinges for Face-Frame


Now you can have the smooth, soft-closing action of BLUMotion in a compact, space-saving hinge - ideal for face-frame cabinets or any cabinet where clearance is an issue. With Compact BLUMotion, the damping mechanism fits entirely within the hinge cup, allowing use of a smaller mounting plate. Each hinge has a switch for turning the soft-close feature off for use with small doors, and each retains the 3-way adjustability of other Blum hinges. Compact BLUmotion hinges are available in five different overlays, ranging from 3/8"" to 1-3/8"". Restrictor Clips (#47937) are also available below for restricting the opening angle to 86 degrees. This prevents the door from banging into adjacent cabinets or cabinet doors.Note: #43870 is a Variable Overlay Hinge that mounts to the front of a face frame and only offers 2 way adjustment. All Non-Variable Overlay Face Frame Hinges have 3-way adjustability. Related Products We recommend using our JIG ITA (R) Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System with the JIG ITA (R) Hinge Plate Template C to make installation of these hinges accurate and easy.JIG ITA (R) Hinge Plate Template CJIG ITA (R) Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System

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