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Rapala X-Rap SubWalk, 3-1/2", Red Ghost, XRSB09RGH


Swimming just below the surface (0-4) , Walk-The-Dog anglers can use the incredibly effective technique of the X-Rap SubWalk anytime, anywhere. The SubWalks unique lateral tail fin adds extra glide and stability to action. Slow-sinking on the pause triggers reaction bite. X-Rap finish; internal holographic foil, internal rattle system and 3D holographic eyes. VMC flash feather tail hook and black nickel belly hook. Hand-tuned and tank-tested. Target species: Bass, Walleye, Pike, Musky, Trout, Salmon, Panfish, Redfish, Tarpon, Snook, Tuna, Sea Trout, Striper, Grouper, Peacock Bass, Kingfish, Bluefish, Wahoo, Dolphin. Model: XRSB09RGH Running Depth: 0 - 2 Length: 3-1/2" Weight: 5/8 oz. Treble Hooks: No. 3 4 Color: Red Ghost

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