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Turning Point Express 3-Blade Modular Prop / SS, 16 dia. x 23 pitch, LH


Turning Points Express propellers offer improved handling through advanced pitch line and rake line cupping. Tuned progressive pitch angles accelerate and channel water to minimize slip and increase performance and fuel economy. Tuned vents in the props barrel allow exhaust gases to escape, reducing water density around the blades, and effectively increasing horsepower at lower speeds. Express stainless steel propellers utilize high-tech shock-absorbing polymers in a one-piece design that will not corrode. This is the propeller with blades only. Hub Kits are sold separately. Turning Point Part Number: 31532320 Applications: 135 - 300+ hp engines, 4-3/4" Gearcase Diameter: 16" Pitch: 23" Left Hand Rotation

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